Friday, August 1, 2008

What are the Birth Pains as we transition to Type 1?

I will go over three obstacles that will cause birth pains as we transition from a Type 0 to a Type 1 Civilization. The three obstacles are, modern governments, primitive governments and terrorist.

1. Modern Governments - Modern governments have helped to get us here because they have allowed the free exchange of ideas. At this point, they need to shrink and become limited. That's so there can be true free trade that includes the global exchange of ideas, information, research, technology and commerce. These modern governments are still too secretive and this is shown by the tight control as to what people hear and what they are allowed to know. At this point, they are too big and governments create needs so they can stay in power and gain more control and this can prove to be dangerous.

2. Primitive Governments - This is a HUGE problem. Countries like China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea, Zimbabwe and more are a very serious threat to this transition. These governments want to control thought even as some of them advance. The rest of the world is at 0.7 and there are stuck at 0.3 or 4. They don't want change because they want power and control over the souls of men. So they will be an obstacle to the free exchange of anything.

3. Terrorist - I do think the terrorist could be trouble especially if they get dangerous weapons. I think this will be controlled as more people gain access to information and ideas and become enlightened to these things. The terrorist prey on ignorance and as people gain knowledge, it will be harder to get recruits.

These are three obstacles or birth pains to our transition to a Type 1 Civilization. There's more but I wanted to discuss these three.

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