Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do Type 1 Civilizations need Governments or ones that are limited?

Maybe, we needed governments in the past, but will we need them in the future?

Governments are set up as a system of control in order to monitor information and keep order. As the world becomes global, the need for government control decreases. This is because information, ideas and technology should be shared throughout the population of the world without governments saying who can have or share this information.

You have to look at free trade as well and the free exachange of goods and services. Without Governments or a limited government, everyday people will easily be able to compete with Corporations for customers. That's because these corporations would not have governments to lobby who enact laws that give them an advantage. A guy could start a cable company from his home and compete with Time Warner when it comes to prices and customers.

The seeds of a Type 1 civilization can be seen with things like the internet and english becoming the language of buisness throughout the world.

There would still be a need for local law enforcement throughout the world. This local enforcement will be paid for by the local populations.

The problem with governments is that they tend to create false needs. In other words, you need them for protection, health care and other things. This is a system of control that a Type 1 Civilization doesn't need.

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